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Recently, the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Foreign Trade , for the development of Chinese garment enterprises go out of business , all kinds of barriers to effectively circumvent the EU , the United States established in textile exports . Fashion Style National billion textile garments commodity trading market sales seventh place is definitely a very large scale professional clothing wholesale city ." Wali showing his watch on the international Top Marques Beijing recently conducted --- this exhibition to the world s top luxury goods provides an opportunity to understand the Chinese market.2012 express the highest single-day breakthrough 30 million , with an average daily processing capacity of 20 million during the peak season .These "play a lot of money ," " to be free " how to get out of work more longing for this " Office" , is perhaps one of the only answer is no the equation from the early 1980s , Dalian garment industry has gone through 30 years from now , it has been or is going through turn two .It is reported that North City clothing wholesale city network is jointly build wealth group from Hong Kong and Guangzhou Sha East favorable international clothing wholesale city , by the Hong Kong wealth management group is currently the largest comprehensive network of domestic apparel approved platform , referred to as " wholesale online .

" - Last year s 618 more to Jingdong re doing this year, Jingdong will with brand Suppliers together to do this activity .Luzhen Wang further explained that " two fake luxury goods and cosmetics many reasons , the domestic situation is already very complete industrial chain , and many luxury goods , cosmetics are produced domestically , which also appeared genuine products associated high imitation products .Beautiful week said that now corporate space for employees only multiple "spiritual and emotional welfare benefits" , plus wages has been small.Electricity suppliers will also be encouraged by means of renewable resources to carry out recycling, thrift circulation , auctions , border trade and other areas of e-commerce applications. moncler kids In fact , the Chinese company to do is to buy the fabric and in accordance with the requirements of Simone sew up their .Mao Jihong under the leadership of "exceptional" since 1996, advocated " looking aesthetics of contemporary Chinese life self ," which is called exceptional given its customers.

Lynx mall relevant responsible person said , Lynx mall to eliminate fake problem , in general, and brand manufacturers cooperation model , and in the Lynx platform opened stores, must be authorized brand manufacturers ." As a direct risk of counterfeit brand internationally registered trademark is too large, some domestic manufacturers began using foreign brands consumers trust and legal loopholes in policy, to circumvent the legal constraints of the domestic "foreign brand " direction." One executive once commented Skyworth relationship with suppliers and Suning . is moncler outlet fake Meanwhile, from the overall analysis of the fashion index, fashion information , fashion and fashion awareness greater impact on the overall level of participation in the fashion index , and stylish cognitive level to get in contact with the public convenience and concern about fashion initiative Therefore, the fashion industry in the dissemination of information about fashion , fashion boot aspects of public consciousness and fashion culture can be a lot of work to do .

However, in this regard, Jingdong has been the first starting up . Buy Cheap In fact , these phenomena point to the fact that a similar , always doing for others OEM Manufacturing Industry in the international market to come up with a little noise.This year from January to June , the total inventory of goods hundred round pants industry showed 1.